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01 January 2008 @ 01:35 pm
auditions // charater list  
auditions :)
application under the cut

Characters Available :
Troy Bolton
Gabriella Montez    Played By : colourtogrey
Sharpay Evans  Played By: fabulousforever
Ryan Evans Played By: jaazz_square
Chad Danforth
Taylor McKessie
Kelsi Nielson Played By: pianogirl_xo
Zeke Baylor
Jason Cross
Martha Cox
or you can make up a character.

<b><img src="IMAGE OF YOUR CHARACTER" /></b>
<b>AIM // MSN //YIM</b>:
<b>Email Address</b>:

<B>Which character do you wish to play?:</b>
<b>Give a brief description of your character (their interests ect):</b>
<b>Give a sample [sample must be at least one paragraph]:</b>
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thedragonkeeperthedragonkeeper on January 8th, 2008 07:04 am (UTC)
b></b> GRRRR I had a pic of Zac Efron but photobucket is down. If you need one let me know and I shall try my best once again ^^.
Name:thedragonkeeper ;)
Age: Private
Country: London, England
Email Address: Sorry keep that private as well. If you need it let me have your email and I shall email you back no problem :).

Which character do you wish to play?: Well since Ryan is sadly taken, I'll go with TROY BOLTON
Give a brief description of your character (their interests ect): Troy is your typical popular jock in the school. He is East High's most famous basketball star but we all know that Troy holds another little talent which is singing really well. He and his highschool sweetheart, Gabriella snatched the leading roles in the school play from its two famous stars Sharpay and Ryan Evans. Now Troy has tried his best to break away from being the singing basketball starr and focuse more on his relationship with Gabriella. Though Sharpay seems to snag him away at times. He is looking foward to his future in college. Hopefully with a basketball scholarship.
Give a sample [sample must be at least one paragraph]: Tick tock, tick tock, went the slow clock in Miss. Darbus' class. Tap....tap....tap..went the soft tapping of Chad's pen. Every one seemed to be a little distratced by something instead of taking down notes as they should have been. Chad Danforth was tapping his pen madly. Counting down the time till basketball practice. Sharpay Evans was busy texting her twin brother on her brand new mobile. Which was rather odd considering Ryan Evans sat directly behind her. Trying his best to keep up with his sister's flood of messages. Sharpay found this humorous and gave a little giggle. Flipping her very long,soft blond locks over his tanned shoulder.

As for Troy Bolton the famous basketball starr gone actor was off in his own little world as well. He had tried his best to take notes but his mind would often drift off again. To that damn bloody song. " We're soaring, flying " he sung under his breath but as soon as he mumbled those words he closed his eyes quickly.

" Damnit, not again " he hisses to himself.

" What" ? came a his best friends voice, Chad's. Making Troy jump a little and drop his own pen.

" Huh what ? "

Chad gives a funny look. " Did you say something man ?"

Troy gives a nervous little laugh and clears his throat. " Huh what, no man. Sorry. Just talking to myself is all " he mutters with a little smile.

Chad slowly nods his head. " You've been practing a little to hard " he replies before rolling his eyes and turning back around.

" Yea...no kiddin" Troy mutters back as he tries to rack that song from his head. Though once he looks up a little. He sees those soft, lovely eyes along him. Grabrilla was giving him a little, shy smile. This made Troy smile a little himself.

Ok maybe this musical wasn't so bad after all.